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Livingstone Multimedia

Livingstone Multimedia creates stunning portraits and spontaneously taken stand-alone works of art that celebrate all the fun, love and laughter of your wedding day. we loves to document life in an artful way. Here at Livingstone Multi-media, we provide modeling and portrait shoot services that get noticed and meet agencies standard around the world. Our staff is friendly and accommodating and willing to work with you as needed to deliver you the best photography experience we possibly can. Our advanced, high resolution professional digital SLR cameras ensure that your pictures meet even the toughest client expectations both in Digital and in Printing form..

What we Offer

We cover events, Commercial photo shoots and Advertising shooting, Fashion photography, Wedding Photography, Model Portfolio, Corporate events, Family portraits and Baby portrait photo shooting...

Pre-wedding albums

“Oreoluwa + oluwaSegun Pre-wedding”


A Wedding Ceremony

“Elizabeth + Ezekiel Wedding”


Wedding Ceremony

“Engagement and Wedding Ceremony”



“Bolu + Bisi Wedding Ceremony”


What Our Clients say About Us.

When we set up our wedding on a spur of a moment, we did not know whether we will find a good weddig phoographer on time. But with Livingstonemultimedia' help, we did!

Yemi + Oreoluwa

As a bride I understood how important a great wedding photographer is... LivingstoneMultimedia studio does a phenomenal work in making my Wedding a memorable one! I especially LOVE my Wedding Photos produced by LivingstoneMultimedia. Thank you for the wonderful work!..


This was my 2nd and my husband's third wedding. So we aspired to something more unorthodox and unusual this time. We were extra excited when our good mutual friends referred us to James. He did a magnificent job!

Elizabeth + Ezekiel

Our Team

People who make your events’ memories realistic

We are passionate and enthusiastic in what we do, we give the best in our capacity to make our client happy.

Our enthusiastic Team thrive to cover each Customer’s Event as good as if it was their own.

So as a team we’re able to offer so much more! Eventually providing the ultimate satisfactory experience and capturing sweet memories for all clients who hire us…

Simeon Toba

C E O / Managing Director

Success is the only proof that shows your existence as you, in life.…

Foresythe Emmanuel

Consultant/photo shoot Manager

Beauty is not known by facial appearance, but the quality that comes out of it.…

Oluwatobi Emmanuel

Editor / Web Manager

Determine what you do and do it better than anyone else, That's is what I stick to...

Adekola Emmanuel

Studio Manager/Graphic Designer

Limits are just a state of mind, you can always push yourself to do better no matter what the cost might be…

Check available booking dates

As I am the only photographer working in the studio, I have to evaluate all my ordeals beforehand.

I will appreciate as much details about your particular wedding venue, dates, theme and other aspects, as you’d be willing to share. As soon as I review the booking information, I will be giving you my feedback immediately!

livingstone Multimedia Concept

We expand the memories of event through motion and still pictures